Decluttering for Fall? What You Need to Know

Decluttering for Fall? What you need to know


When a majority of people have a great desire to get things organized and decluttered in their homes, it’s not always something easy to accomplish. Decluttering can be an overwhelming, time-consuming and emotionally draining experience. None of us wants to live in a house full of clutter but getting rid of it is not a walk in the park. If you have tried to get things in their house organized but ended up unsuccessful, you are probably doing things wrong. If you are decluttering for the fall, there are some important aspects that you ought to know. Here are some important points to know if you are decluttering for the fall.


Anything without a plan is doomed to fail so before you start decluttering, have a plan of what you will do and what you intend to accomplish. You can compile a list or take pictures of all the areas you want to declutter. Alternatively, you can call in a friend to help you identify any areas that seem cluttered and need a bit of clearing. Planning also involves determining the amount of time to spend in every area you will be decluttering. You can set aside two consecutive days for the whole decluttering exercise. If your plan does not seem to work, change it but don’t alter the goal of the entire decluttering exercise.


Once you are done with the planning, it is time for serious business. You should start by assembling supplies such as bins and trash bags to throw anything you will not need and a cleaning rag to wipe out the decluttered area. Besides, you should also clear a site where you will place everything you remove from the house. This will help you sort things out in a professional manner, and nothing will be left out.


Once you have sorted everything, it is time to decide what to keep, what to donate and what to throw into the trash bin. This can be a terrible moment for you especially if you are reluctant to let go of items that you rarely use but still want to have them near you. If you don’t love it or use it, then lose it. There is no point of accumulating lots of unnecessary items in your house. The fewer the items, the more the space and it’s all to your benefit. Reduction is the key to successful organizing. Always remember that more stuff equals more space hence make your decluttering decision based on what you use.


Once you have decided on the items keep, those to donate and those to throw in the trash bin, it is now time to containerize. Frequently used items should be stored in simple containers kept in a place where they are easily accessible. Group all the clothes together, all electrical appliances together and other like items together. This makes it easy for you locate an item whenever you need it.

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