Top Safety Hazards of a Cluttered Yard

Top safety hazards of a cluttered yard


A cluttered home is more than just unsightly; it can be extremely dangerous for its inhabitants. There are many dangers that are associated with having a messy, unorganized yard that you should know about for your safety and the safety of those you love. If you are aware of the safety hazards of a cluttered house, you can easily take action to protect those whom you love including your kids, family members and friends.


One safety hazard of a cluttered yard is falling. A cluttered yard could have untrimmed grass, lawns, hedges, poorly disposed containers and metallic objects lying all around. Their presence in your yard can easily conceal a trench or manhole which can be dangerous for people whose activities revolve around your yard. A cluttered yard increases the risk of injury due to falls in hidden trenches and manholes. Also, clutter laying all around your yard can obstruct the paths used and as a result, people can trip over clutter. These are minor accidents can be avoided with the simple action of maintaining a clean, well-maintained yard.

Rodents and Pests

Rodents such as mice and rats are associated with dirt, and so a cluttered yard will definitely provide a good living nest for them. Also, roaches and flies also find good refuge in clutter. Once pests and rodents are in your yard, it will only be a matter of time before they infest your house. Pests are known to be carriers of different diseases and their presence in your home means that you are likely to be a victim of hygiene-related illnesses. Decluttering infested yard areas can go a long way in reducing the pest menace. Decluttering also allows you to access the previously infested areas to clean and disinfect them.

Respiratory Problems

If you have excessive clutter in your yard, you will most likely be a victim of respiratory problems. Research reveals that excessive clutter in your yard can aggravate the symptoms associated with different respiratory diseases like asthma. This is because cluttered homes tend to harbor high levels of dust which is a major cause of most respiratory complications. For instance, messy yards’ harbor dust mites more than well-maintained homes. In fact, medical experts agree that too much dust can trigger respiratory illnesses even when you are suffering from none. Also, too much dust in your home can cause allergies and even aggravate existing ones. Too much dust in your yard can make your home inhabitable. If you want to avoid respiratory problems, make an effort of decluttering your yard and keeping your home clean.

Apart from the many hazards associated with too much clutter, your home can also lose its aesthetic value. Too much litter lying around can turn your home into a sight that no one wants to have a glimpse on and as a result, you can suffer from social isolation because no one wants to visit you and leave with an allergy or respiratory complication.  Contact Junk Hauling Pros for assistance today.

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