Back to School Blowout. Tips for Decluttering Your College Son’s Room

Back to school blowout. Tips for decluttering your college son’s room


When it’s back to school for your son in college, many moms are less worried about their children being away from home but more concerned about decluttering their son’s room. The whole idea of living a simple, uncluttered life with little stuff is one that many teenagers won’t buy. Despite the numerous merits of owning fewer possessions, it’s hard to convince your college son and his room will end up filled with clutter. Many caring moms are ready to declutter their son’s room but get quickly tripped by the question – where on earth do I begin? If you are a mom intending to carry out a back to school blowout, here are some tips to help you.

Start By Sorting Out His Clothes

Clothing is one of the toughest items to declutter. Despite being a basic necessity, it can be more of a burden. Stained shirts and vests with tags sitting in the closet for years can be a nightmare for a mom, and the best idea is to start in sections. Open his dresser, move drawer by drawer and finally into his closet. Take all of his clothes out because it helps you be a bit stricter with what to keep and what not to keep. You can sort his clothes into piles of keep, don’t keep and store (which is optional).

Make a Keep Pile

In addition to clothes, your son might have some many other items stuffed in his bedroom. He could have a cowry shell from his college girlfriend or a bunch of electrical wiring tools if he is pursuing an engineering course. Although some might be useful, some might be eating up his room’s space. Join hands in sorting what to keep and what not to keep. Many people keep a lot of unnecessary stuff because they were expensive or were a great deal. Once you have made your pile, you will be surprised to realize that most of what was in his room were of no use.

Keep Emotions Out of Business

Decluttering your son’s room can be tough if your son has some emotional attachment to some of his clothes or items. However silly it may sound, it is true. Maybe the college jacket you want to throw into the “don’t keep bin” was from a loved one or signifies a happy moment in your life. Do not let your efforts to declutter his room be thwarted because of the woven fibers and threads. If he has an important item that makes him happy, keep it but remind him that he cannot keep everything.

Take all the Time in His Room

The secret to successful decluttering is not leaving even the slightest details. Your son might have a big room so don’t expect to complete the decluttering job in one day. Take as much time as possible, leave no corner inspected and cleaned. That way, you will get rid of many unnecessary items from your son’s room.

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