Top 3 Things Not to Do When De-cluttering Your Home

Top 3 Things Not to Do When De-cluttering Your Home


No home is immune to clutter. Even some of the biggest multi-million mansions will always have clutter. Clutter can take up much of your house’s space, create nests for roaches and rodents and worst of all make your house untidy. The only solution is de-cluttering but without the right steps; it can be of no good. Many homeowners spend thousands hiring professionals to do the job, but if you have the facts right, you can channel that money to other investments. Many homeowners get it wrong when it comes to de-cluttering and as a result, end up being frustrated. There are some missteps that homeowners make when de-cluttering and end up derailing their best efforts to combat clutter. Here are some things you should not do when de-cluttering your home.

Do Not Buy Storage Containers Before You Organize

One mistake many homeowners make is purchasing a ton of storage supplies and pieces even before they have sort through their houses. The local container store might have many enticing, beautiful boxes, baskets, and bins but they will be of no good if they cannot fit the space in your house, store what you need them to store or function properly for a particular area. It is, therefore, advisable to first do the cleanup. When that is done, the amount of clutter you accumulate will help you make an assessment of what storage supplies you need. Do not buy storage containers before you have done the cleanup since you do not want empty containers piling up in your house.

Complete Each Task at a Time

The key to successful de-cluttering is organizing your work and things into different categories. For instance, you will have things to dispose of, recycle, donate or give to a close friend. For example, once you have decided to give some of your items, be sure to take them to charity immediately. Do not keep them with the intention to deliver them later because that might never come to pass. Do it once and for all. If you are giving some items to your friend, put them in your car and drop them off immediately. You have done a lot of work de-cluttering your home so get the whole job done once and for all!

Discard the Papers. Do Not Keep Them

Papers are the primary source of clutter in any house and can be a menace when you find cockroach or rat droppings in them. Papers can create great nests for rats and roaches, so you want to be sure that no papers are lying around your house. The rule of thumb is to get rid of the papers altogether. Do not waste your time trying to file them because with time; they will be of no use and you will have to get rid of them. If papers are neither in use nor required for a short period, then it is of no use having them in your house. Just discard them for good. Contact Junk Hauling Pros today for more information.

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