Top Items that Can’t Be Recycled

You hear so much about recycling these days that it’s easy to think that everything can be recycled. At least most of what’s out there can be recycled, right? While there is a long list of items you can recycle, there is a longer list than you might think of items that aren’t able to be recycled. You may have already thought about batteries, and that is definitely one item that makes the list of non-recyclables.

What else isn’t able to be recycled? You can break it down into categories to find out the do’s and don’ts, and you’ll likely find things on the list that you may have put into a recycling bin. For example, you think of paper as a recyclable item for sure, but there are plenty of paper items that are left out. You can’t recycle napkins and paper towels, and wrapping paper, wax paper, and toilet tissue also make the list.

I remember last Christmas, my family stuck all the wrapping paper in the recycling trash bin, but of course that was to no avail I now know. It makes you wonder how they go about sorting everything out since people are still learning about recycling. There are also certain types of cardboard that can’t be recycled as well. It makes you wonder if recycling efforts are even able to keep the landfills from continuing to fill up. It sure doesn’t seem like it after you see the list of non-recyclables.

Paint cans are yet another item that makes the list, and so do oil cans. Glass is a popular item to recycle, so you might think all glass is fair game. Well, don’t put those mirrors in the recycling bin, and you have to leave out window glass and light bulbs, too. Did you know that plastic baggies can’t be recycled either?

It’s odd to see some of these items on the list, as the plastic baggies. First of all, I used to work in a manufacturing facility that made plastic baggies. They had their own recycling area, and that is precisely where I worked. Whatever they did that isn’t up to recycling standards for the general public, I now want to know.

You’ve certainly heard before about how damaging Styrofoam is to the environment, yet you can find it everywhere. Unfortunately, it also makes the list of non-recyclable items. Aerosol cans are yet another item that has to be left out. It certainly helps to know what items aren’t able to be recycled, but it also helps to realize what you don’t need to leave out. For example, did you know that you can recycle those K-cups?

Electronics haven’t been mentioned, and it’s a good time to do it now. Remember that there are ways to recycle many of your old electronics. If you’re not doing that, it’s very important. Since you know more about what you can and can’t recycle now, you’re ready to play your part better in protecting the environment. Contact Junk Hauling Pros today for more information.

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